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Power Holiday
Samsung GALAXY S5
EPP (RM 66.00 X 36 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM2,376.00
Retail Price: RM2,399.00
Save: RM23.00
COACH Signature Pleated Medium Wristlet
EPP (RM 89.00 X 3 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM267.00
Retail Price: RM590.00
Save: RM323.00
COACH Daisy Outline Signature Metallic Medium Wristlet
EPP (RM 89.00 X 3 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM267.00
Retail Price: RM590.00
Save: RM323.00
COACH Park Leather Medium Wristlet
EPP (RM 96.00 X 3 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM288.00
Retail Price: RM590.00
Save: RM302.00
Valentino Creations Linear 3 in 1 set
EPP (RM 133.00 X 3 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM399.00
Retail Price: RM1,407.00
Save: RM1,008.00
Lenovo A369i
EPP (RM 91.00 X 3 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM273.00
Retail Price: RM289.00
Save: RM16.00
Twin Pack: MedKlinn Autoplus In-Car Air Sterilizer
EPP (RM 55.50 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM666.00
Retail Price: RM798.00
Save: RM132.00
MedKlinn Asens Premium Indoor Air Sterilizer
EPP (RM 55.75 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM669.00
Retail Price: RM899.00
Save: RM230.00
Twin Pack: MedKlinn Asens Indoor Air Sterilizer
EPP (RM 69.75 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM837.00
Retail Price: RM1,198.00
Save: RM361.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids
EPP (RM 64.00 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM768.00
Retail Price: RM799.00
Save: RM31.00
Lenovo Yoga Tablet B6000
EPP (RM 80.00 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM960.00
Retail Price: RM999.00
Save: RM39.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (LTE) - New Colours
EPP (RM 94.00 X 24 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM2,256.00
Retail Price: RM2,399.00
Save: RM143.00
4D/3N Ground Tour Package - Guilin, China
EPP (RM 75.00 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM900.00
Retail Price: RM1,948.00
Save: RM1,048.00
2D/1N stay at Heritage Hotel Cameron Highland, Pahang
XD  Price:  RM249.00
Retail Price: RM545.00
Save: RM296.00
Valentino Creations Bob Cat II 3 in 1 Set
EPP (RM 50.00 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM600.00
Retail Price: RM1,998.00
Save: RM1,398.00
Certina DS Podium Lady Chronograph Watch
EPP (RM 76.50 X 18 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM1,377.00
Retail Price: RM1,620.00
Save: RM243.00
Casio MTP1303D Watch
XD  Price:  RM96.00
Retail Price: RM126.00
Save: RM30.00
2D/1N stay at Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson
XD  Price:  RM199.00
Retail Price: RM541.00
Save: RM342.00
3D/2N stay at Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai, Sabah
EPP (RM 74.75 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM897.00
Retail Price: RM1,320.00
Save: RM423.00
2D/1N stay at Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa, Sepang
XD  Price:  RM499.00
Retail Price: RM602.00
Save: RM103.00
2D/1N stay at Thistle Port Dickson Resort
XD  Price:  RM330.00
Retail Price: RM591.23
Save: RM261.23
MECK Bread Maker
EPP (RM 83.00 X 6 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM498.00
Retail Price: RM599.00
Save: RM101.00
PRINCESS Fat Free Fryer
EPP (RM 70.00 X 6 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM420.00
Retail Price: RM489.00
Save: RM69.00
MORGAN Garment Steamer
XD  Price:  RM170.00
Retail Price: RM249.00
Save: RM79.00
Ogawa Foottee Therapy
EPP (RM 183.33 X 3 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM550.00
Retail Price: RM1,399.00
Save: RM849.00
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