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Power Holiday
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
EPP (RM 100.00 X 24 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM2,400.00
Retail Price: RM2,499.00
Save: RM99.00
Twin Pack : Lenovo Smartphone A536
EPP (RM 55.00 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM660.00
Retail Price: RM738.00
Save: RM78.00
Strontium 32GB microSD NITRO 466X
XD  Price:  RM54.00
Retail Price: RM99.00
Save: RM45.00
Samsung GALAXY Alpha
EPP (RM 76.00 X 24 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM1,824.00
Retail Price: RM1,899.00
Save: RM75.00
Ice Watch - ICE STYLE
EPP (RM 94.00 X 6 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM564.00
Retail Price: RM629.00
Save: RM65.00
Langkawi SKYCAB + 6D Motion + SkyDome Ticket (Adult)
XD  Price:  RM34.00
Retail Price: RM53.00
Save: RM19.00
Nikon DSLR D5200 Kit (18-55mm)
EPP (RM 106.00 X 24 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM2,544.00
Retail Price: RM2,698.00
Save: RM154.00
Naraya Cosmetic Pouch Set
XD  Price:  RM56.00
Morgan Electric Oven MEO-HC25C
XD  Price:  RM162.00
Retail Price: RM199.00
Save: RM37.00
Lenovo Smartphone S850 - Latest
EPP (RM 57.00 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM684.00
Retail Price: RM729.00
Save: RM45.00
Lenovo Smartphone S860
EPP (RM 83.00 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM996.00
Retail Price: RM1,099.00
Save: RM103.00
Motorola Audio Baby Monitor
EPP (RM 127.00 X 3 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM381.00
Retail Price: RM398.00
Save: RM17.00
Philips DVD Home Theater System 5 + 1 channel
EPP (RM 122.00 X 3 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM366.00
Retail Price: RM399.00
Save: RM33.00
i-ROVA S570 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
EPP (RM 160.00 X 3 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM480.00
Retail Price: RM888.00
Save: RM408.00
Ice Watch - Chrono Matte
EPP (RM 99.00 X 6 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM594.00
Retail Price: RM659.00
Save: RM65.00
Philips Air Purifier
EPP (RM 56.00 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM672.00
Retail Price: RM699.00
Save: RM27.00
Samsung GALAXY Tab S 10.5 LTE
EPP (RM 80.00 X 24 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM1,920.00
Retail Price: RM1,999.00
Save: RM79.00
Philips Air Fryer
EPP (RM 69.00 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM828.00
Retail Price: RM1,199.00
Save: RM371.00
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