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Latest Deals - July Mail Order Leaflet
1 packs of BRAND'S ® InnerShine Ruby Collagen
XD  Price:  RM70.00
Retail Price: RM99.00
Save: RM29.00
3 packs of BRAND'S ® InnerShine Berry or Prune Essence
XD  Price:  RM60.00
Retail Price: RM70.50
Save: RM10.50
Bello & Beo AMSTRONG S Watch Winder
EPP (RM 92.50 X 6 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM555.00
Retail Price: RM636.00
Save: RM81.00
Izarra Blue Star Pendant
XD  Price:  RM111.50
Retail Price: RM135.70
Save: RM24.20
Philippe Renault CELLO Watch - White
EPP (RM 71.85 X 3 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM215.55
Retail Price: RM252.30
Save: RM36.75
Karl Gustuv RITZ Watch - Black
EPP (RM 90.70 X 3 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM272.10
Retail Price: RM315.90
Save: RM43.80
Mulco Blue Marine Watch
EPP (RM 142.50 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM1,710.00
Retail Price: RM1,812.60
Save: RM102.60
MTM-FALCON Watch (Titanium Grey)
EPP (RM 284.00 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM3,408.00
Retail Price: RM3,612.50
Save: RM204.50
Samsung 40" FHD SMART LED TV (UA40J5500)
EPP (RM 84.00 X 24 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM2,016.00
Retail Price: RM2,199.00
Save: RM183.00
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0" with S Pen
EPP (RM 98.00 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM1,176.00
Retail Price: RM1,299.00
Save: RM123.00
Samsung GALAXY E7
EPP (RM 82.00 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM984.00
Retail Price: RM1,099.00
Save: RM115.00
Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge + Samsung Wireless Charger
EPP (RM 128.00 X 24 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM3,072.00
Retail Price: RM3,331.00
Save: RM259.00
Samsung GALAXY S6 edge + Cover Plus Plan E (RM339)
EPP (RM 133.00 X 24 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM3,192.00
Retail Price: RM3,438.00
Save: RM246.00
Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge
EPP (RM 117.00 X 24 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM2,808.00
Retail Price: RM3,099.00
Save: RM291.00
Samsung GALAXY S6 + Cover Plus Plan D (RM299)
EPP (RM 112.00 X 24 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM2,688.00
Retail Price: RM2,898.00
Save: RM210.00
Samsung GALAXY S6
EPP (RM 99.00 X 24 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM2,376.00
Retail Price: RM2,599.00
Save: RM223.00
Samsung 55" Curved FHD Smart TV (UA55J6300AK)
EPP (RM 138.00 X 36 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM4,968.00
Retail Price: RM5,499.00
Save: RM531.00
Samsung GALAXY A7 + Samsung Smart NX Camera (NX3300)
EPP (RM 134.00 X 24 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM3,216.00
Retail Price: RM3,498.00
Save: RM282.00
Samsung Wireless Charger
EPP (RM 70.00 X 3 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM210.00
Retail Price: RM232.00
Save: RM22.00
Lenovo Smartphone P70
EPP (RM 113.00 X 6 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM678.00
Retail Price: RM729.00
Save: RM51.00
Acer Liquid Z410
EPP (RM 138.00 X 3 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM414.00
Retail Price: RM459.00
Save: RM45.00
Samsung GALAXY A7
EPP (RM 118.50 X 12 MTHS)*
XD  Price:  RM1,422.00
Retail Price: RM1,499.00
Save: RM77.00
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